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Cereal Killers and Mind Control Marketing (LIVE tonight!)

by Colin Theriot on March 10, 2011

Sorry for the silly pun there.

But if you’ve listened to me speak before, you may have heard me use the “cartoon breakfast cereal mascot” as a metaphor for the kind of marketing persona that information sellers and wanna-be gurus should create for themselves.

Then I found this report of a scientific study earlier in the week and found it very gratifying, considering my love of that metaphor:


Turns out kids strongly prefer cereal with a cartoon mascot on the box.  Duh, right?

But what’s interesting is that they preferred the cartoon character EVEN IF they were told the cereal was HEALTHY vs. a plain cereal they were told was sugary.

Now, there are obviously a lot of interesting implications there for the savvy marketer, regardless of how obvious you might find the results of that particular study.

If you want to join me live tonight for my chat show, we’ll be talking about exactly that – what we can learn about marketing from the way kids are sold brands of breakfast serial…  I mean cereal. :)

That’s live tonight (Thursday) on http://talkmarketingnow.com at 7PM Eastern.

Hope to see you there!